Fall Semester 2017/18

Photography Workshop

Starting from October 4th, SFA welcomed Milomir Kovačević, acclaimed photographer residing in Paris, to head a practical one-week Photography workshop. Within the practical workshop, Milomir took the students throughout the stages of black and white photography developing process. BFA students also used this workshop as an opportunity to start the preparation phase for their first film exercises on the imposed themes Crossroads and Marketplace.

Milomir Kovačević has shown interest in photography at the age of 17 when he was a part of the CEDUS University Photo Club. He became a member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of BiH in 1989.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Kovačević testified the deep social changes in the country, and in 1992 with his camera, he closely followed all that the city of Sarajevo will be tragically known for in the world. Regionally and worldwide, this artist and photographer is deservedly described as one of the most important and most famous photojournalists of the life in Sarajevo from the 1980s to the present.

Milomir is a photographer of death and life, past and present, eternity and transience. Because of what his photographies stand for, he has received many awards. The last and one of the most important ones is awarded by the President of France, the country in which he was proclaimed the Knight with merits, for his photographic work and engagement.