Fall Semester 2017/18

Film and Society Module

Sarajevo Film Academy had the pleasure to welcome actor Jasenko Pašić, who joined us as the scriptwriter of the award-winning documentary Scream for Me Sarajevo. The film tells the story about the siege of Sarajevo (1992-1995) when the city was cut off from the world, its citizens brutally bombed, terrorized and starved. Right in the middle of raging war, the most significant name of heavy metal music scene Bruce Dickinson and his band drove through the frontlines and gave a legendary concert in Sarajevo on December 14, 1994.

Scream for Me Sarajevo is considered as one of the most valuable documentaries about the siege of Sarajevo ever made. The idea of making such a documentary originated from Jasenko, who did the entire research and contacted persons who were interviewed for this film. Pašić talked to students about the challenges of making such a documentary, his journey from the original idea to realization, as well as about the importance the film has to Bruce Dickinson and his crew today. The film is directed by Tarik Hodžić, produced by Prime Time CEO Adnan Čuhara and co-produced by Tatjana Bonny from London who once said: „This is a film about people who risked their lives to perform for the people who risked their lives in order to live them“.

Jasenko Pašić graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 2007. He is a permanent member of the Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR) since 2008. Pašić has performed in plays such as Hamlet and Faustus, both directed by one of the leading theatre directors in South Eastern Europe, Haris Pašović. He has also performed in the multiple award winning play Secret of Raspberry Jam, Woyzeck, Spring Awakening, The Parliament, all directed by Selma Spahić, Ay, Carmela and Rabbit Hole by Robert Raponja, Cripple of Inishmaan, The Bald Soprano by Edward Miller, Fear and Misery of Third Reich by Nermin Hamzagić, among others. In 2011, Pašić directed and acted in a production of 1984 by George Orwell, for which he chose and edited the music and video.