SSST industry partner in our Game Design and Development Program - Prime Time Production – proudly announces Bygone Dreams: a third person action-adventure game set visually stunning and surreal world.

Winner of the Reboot 2017 Visual Excellence award and a finalist in the WN Dev competition for games made in Unreal Engine 4, Bygone Dreams is a high fantasy action adventure with RPG elements. The game takes players on an unforgettable adventure featuring elements from Slavic mythology and medieval Bosnian folklore. Epic music follows the journey in the footsteps, with over 50 original songs full of traditional instruments and melodies. You can currently add it to your wish list on the Steam Platform for Games, with the console set for release in spring 2022. Additional platforms and the release date will be announced soon.

Prime Time is not only home to the most successful gaming studio in BiH, but is among the most successful independent game production and film animation studios in this part of Europe. With national and international references across both game and film production, Prime Time is producing games as official developer for Sony Play Station, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox, among others. Its extensive work also includes advertising and over 3000 titles spanning documentaries, animation and short films. Notably, it produced “Birds Like Us” - the first 3D animated feature film from BiH, gathering an international team of professionals and world-renowned artists in its making.

Check out our Game Design and Development program and see how it offers the unique opportunity for students to connect and work with Prime Time’s experienced game designers and developers, as well as industry experts!