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Please ensure that you have completed all fields required and that all information supplied is correct. Make sure that all required documents are complete before uploading. For any questions or problem in completing this applicaion form, contact us.

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Short Biography / CV Your biography should include education, work experience/internships (if applicable), awards and certificates (if applicable) (PDF).

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Letter of motivation The Letter of Motivation should be between 500 aand 1000 words maximum, answering the question: Why I want to become a filmmaker? (PDF)

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Photo story Submit 12 Photograps that represent a visual and narrative whole, conveying a story/event. The photograps must be saved in clear numerical order or as a single-picture collage composed of 12 photograps.
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Film synopsis Up to one page synopsis of a film you want to make. (PDF)

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Essay Submit a short essay (between 500 and 1500 words maximum) on the subject: An encounter I will never forget. (PDF)

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Additional Art Work (Optional) The candidates may submit any additional example representative of their visual sensibility, in any visual format.
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Certificates and Transcripts Please upload scaned relevant certificates and academic transcripts, corresponding to your biography. All candidates must include a scanned copy of high-school diploma and diploma supplements (including grades transcripts for allacademic years). International documents should be supplied both in original language and English.
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Passport Copy Upload a scanned copy of your passport (the page where your picture appears). (JPG)

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Photo Upload your identification passport size photo (head and shoulders visible, facing front). (JPG)

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