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  • Bela Tarr

  • I felt everyone at the factory was a teammate, united with me in the great effort to discover the possibilities at play on the great field of filmmaking! There were no rules, and no uniforms, which made the experience all the more frightening, liberating, lifelike and productive.

    Guy Maddin, filmmaker

  • Abel Ferrara

  • In our world of a growing, aggressive conformism, film.factory is a laboratory and production place of true independent cinema with the unique possibility to really work artistically in film, and to bring film to the level of art again.

    Fred Kelemen, cinematographer

  • The MFA program has given me a first-hand experience in understanding myself. The program opened my eyes to see beyond what is visible, by listening to your heart. There are many other schools that teach you how to make a film but here this is a consequence, not a goal. Instead we are constantly made to question the need to make that film.

    Ghazy Alqudcy, MFA student

  • Gael Garcia Bernal

  • At the film.factory it's an everyday fight, it's as close as you can be to the most intense experience of cinema.

    Pedro Costa, filmmaker

  • Jonathan Rosenbaum

  • The film.factory is a major place to discuss film. Schools where you can learn to operate software can be counted by the hundreds. But there are not many places to analyze, share and question like you can do here - and then film and finalize with major input of feedback.

    Carlos Reygadas, filmmaker

  • We strongy feel that we are creating a place where students are given the incentive and the opportunity to create throughout their study, as well as to learn and think about film. It is this accent on practical work and the opportunity to collaborate with experienced filmmakers while creating their work, that is the main advantage for young filmmakers coming to the Sarajevo Film Academy and the factory.

    Gus Van Sant, filmmaker

  • The school itself has been a bit of a surreal experience as I've listened, talked to and worked with some of my favorite filmmakers in the world. Engaging in intimate dialogue with them about cinema and its possibilities, sharing with them my own work, and collaborating on film projects. This is the only place in the world where a school like this exists. Where I could do what I'm doing.

    Patrick Marshall, MFA student

  • Gus Van Sant

  • Calling all aspiring film-makers keen to use their skills in defence of the dignity of man. Hungarian auteur Bela Tarr is running a PhD-level film programme, offering a blend of theory, practice and "probing questions" about the nature of civilisation.


  • Juliette Binoche

  • Our aspiration is to educate mature filmmakers who think responsibly, with the spirit of humanism, artists who have an individual outlook, an individual form of expression and who use their creative powers in the defense of the dignity of man, within the reality that surrounds us. Probing questions concerning our outlook on the world and the state of our civilization must impact the work of the new film.factory program in Sarajevo.

    Bela Tarr, filmmaker

  • Working with people like Fred Kelemen, Carlos Reygadas and Christian Mungiu, under the mentorship of Bela Tarr is not only a unique opportunity for broadening your views and dicovering your approach to filmmaking, but is also very useful for a young filmmaker trying to get his voice heard and his films produced.

    Stefan Malešević, DLA student

  • The film.factory, housed in Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, brings together some of the world’s top directors to teach a full-time, three-year program, culminating in students making full-length features.


  • Fred Kelemen

  • I would say that the basic starting point of my work here is identical with its goal: the compassion of true, trusting comradeship between filmmakers working together - in particular the bond between a director and his/her performers and the terms of the atmosphere of connection between them.

    Tilda Swinton, actress

  • Tilda Swinton

  • With barely any experience in directing or film, I chose SFA due to the wide selection of film industry professionals providing intense, hands-on teaching. The limited number of students accepted allows the professors to help each of us individually, to address our weaknesses, so we can grow exponentially with each new semester.

    Benjamin Dizdarević, BFA student

  • Accommodated in a building located in the old part of Sarajevo, film.factory is now home to students who have come from as far as Japan and Mexico to explore the secrets of filmmaking.


  • film.factory will involve theoretical and practical work through a series of masterclasses with leading experts and will result in Bosnian-produced films made by the course’s candidates.


  • More than just a post-graduate course, here we are given a creative space inhabited by talented people from all over the world, in an enviroment that enourages us to find our individual form of expression. It has been a challenging and gratifying life experience, one that has enabled me to grow and learn about myself and the reality around me.

    Fernando Nogari, MFA student

  • Urlich Gregor

  • It was a dream to be accepted at Sarajevo Film Academy and I was very happy and excited for having this amazing opportunity. I was wondering how it would feel to be a student of a film school with such an innovative and ambitious program, based on the philosophy of sharing the experiences of most interesting contemporary filmmakers from around the world.

    Levan Lomjaria, MFA student