Welcome to Sarajevo

Sarajevo is an ideal city for students. Full of vitality and fun, it has all the advantages of a capital city, with the friendly atmosphere of a small town. It is cosmopolitan in outlook, but with local charm and warm hospitality. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, its compact city centre is full of clubs, cafés, theatres and shops, and as a centre of learning with more than five universities, Sarajevo is a vibrant hub of student life.

Sarajevo is a city of contrasts. You can feel the pulse of history, and the buzz of a modern metropolis. You can explore unique boutiques in the old Turkish market, and buy international brands in brand new shopping centres. You can walk for miles by the river or go clubbing till dawn.

For those who like activity and exercise, there are numerous gyms, sports centres, and an Olympic swimming pool in town, with the Olympic mountains of Jahorina and Bjelašnica only 30 minutes away for skiing in winter and hiking in summer. In Ilidža, on the outskirts of Sarajevo, there are spas and springs at the foot of Mount Igman, and the beautiful Adriatic coast is a favourite weekend destination for everyone.

Sarajevo is a city of festivals, throughout the year. The biggest Hollywood names and stars from all over the world walk the red carpet at the famous summer Sarajevo Film Festival, and the city hosts free entertainment during Baščaršija Nights in July. There’s Jazz Fest and the renowned theatre festival MESS in the fall, then the Sarajevo Winter Festival with art, music, dance and drama throughout the cold months, while spring brings poetry and alternative theatre to town. Throughout the year, in its many theatres, galleries, concert halls and museums, audiences can chose either the traditional or the cutting edge.

Students on a budget can take advantage of all that Sarajevo has to offer. With all the excitement of a major European city, the cost of living is low and the quality of life is high. The rents and restaurants are cheap, the fast food is organic, and café culture rules. You can walk almost anywhere, or hop on a tram or a trolley bus.

There is definitely something special about Sarajevo. Visitors fall in love with it, artists are inspired by it, and those who have left it yearn to return to it. Sarajevo has always been a centre of alternative culture, comedy, music and art – it has always been a vibrant mix of east and west, a crossroads of culture and history, famed for its unbreakable spirit.